FAQ's for Athletes

Why would an athlete seek Chiropractic care?

Physical activity is essential for better health, but it also comes with a risk of injuries. Chiropractic care is a gentle healing treatment which also strengthens your body and prevents future injuries. Many athletes come to us experiencing fatigue, slow recovery times, sprains, strains, spinal pains from a collision or concussion and many other issues. Athletes seek chiropractic care because of the natural pain relief, injury prevention and improvement in their overall joint biomechanics.

Natural Pain Relief

When spinal joints are misaligned (subluxated) it causes decreased range of motion, inflammation and decreased proprioception (body awareness in space). This causes pain, muscle spasms and many other issues at the joint level. If left alone the problem progresses over time. Gentle adjustments restore healing to the joints which in turn reduces the inflammation and pain.

Injury Prevention

Well adjusted athletes have 100% nerve function and communication from the brain to the body. With full communication we also allow the body to heal at a maximal speed allowing the body to recover faster and thus return to play as soon as possible. 100% nerve function allows reaction time, range of motion and proprioception to be maximized. Each of those decrease the chances of experiencing an injury.

Improved Biomechanics

When subluxations are present, the body creates compensation patterns which often cause imbalances in the body. This could present as a muscular imbalance where one muscle develops larger than the other. It could also present as a postural imbalance where one shoulder or hip is higher than the other. Many athletes compete and rely on their physique to be symmetrical which is inhibited when subluxation is present. Improper biomechanics lead to an increased chance of injury and poor training patterns.

How do I begin care as an athlete at Navigate Chiropractic?

If you are struggling with a sports injury or want to enhance your sport play abilities, give the office a call to discover how chiropractic services can help you heal and maximize your health! Do not delay if you are struggling with an injury!

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